One Story | 3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms

Features: open floor plan, covered front porch, different elevations available

Welcome to the realm of Trinity Custom Homes, where innovation and artistry intersect to craft homes that echo your unique essence. Introducing the “Sunrise Split” – a celebration of contemporary design and practical living.

In the spirit of excellence that defines Trinity Custom Homes, the Sunrise Split emerges as a masterpiece of architectural prowess. This model stands tall with 1472 square feet of living space, home to 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The allure of an open floor plan sets the stage for seamless transitions between rooms, creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and warmth.

Step onto the covered front porch, a gateway to serenity that beckons you to unwind and relish the moment. The Sunrise Split embraces versatility, offering multiple elevations to choose from – an opportunity to express your individuality through design.

Our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship is matched only by our dedication to you. Across Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama, our dependable customer service is at your disposal. A single call to (888) 818-0278 or a message through the form on this page brings you closer to your dream home.

Solid wood construction forms the backbone of our promise to deliver quality beyond compare. Trinity Custom Homes is your assurance that no foam board, pre-fab, or modular parts will compromise the integrity of your abode.

Embrace a greener future with our energy-efficient homes, designed not just for your comfort but for the planet’s well-being too. With us, sustainability and luxury harmonize effortlessly.

The Sunrise Split encapsulates the very essence of Trinity Custom Homes – a fusion of aesthetic brilliance and practical functionality. As you embark on this journey, remember that your aspirations drive our dedication. Your home isn’t just a dwelling; it’s an embodiment of your dreams.

Choose the Sunrise Split, and let your imagination unfold within its walls. At Trinity Custom Homes, your vision is our canvas, and together, we’ll shape it into reality.

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Sunrise SplitPlan


Total SF:1472

Heated SF:1472

Front Porch SF90




Garage: No Garage

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