Top 7 Housing Trends for Baby Boomers

Top Home Preferences for Baby Boomers

The baby boomer generation, which encompasses over 76 million people born between 1946 and 1964, holds a significant place in the American population, second only to millennials. Despite being retired or nearing retirement age, this generation is characterized by their active lifestyles, sophisticated tastes, and their active participation in the housing market. Consequently, home builders are noticing distinct trends in the preferences of baby boomer home buyers. Here are the seven most sought-after features that this generation desires in their new homes.

Hi-Tech Media Centers

Having lived through remarkable technological advancements, tech-savvy baby boomers seek cutting-edge features in their homes. From premium home theaters to comprehensive house-wide sound systems, home automation technology, advanced security solutions, and wireless controls, they crave a high-tech living experience.

Home Offices

Viewing retirement as a new chapter, many baby boomers harness their newfound time to pursue entrepreneurial dreams. To accommodate this, the inclusion of a home office becomes a common request, providing a dedicated space for productive endeavors.

Accessibility Features

Baby boomers remain active and forward-looking while acknowledging the potential for mobility challenges in the future. As a result, many opt for designs that incorporate extra-wide doors and hallways to accommodate assistive devices such as canes, walkers, or wheelchairs.

First-Floor Bedrooms and Bathrooms

In addition to accessibility features, baby boomers seek the convenience of a main-level bedroom and a full-sized bathroom. This strategic design choice allows them to maintain their independence, even if navigating staircases becomes challenging.

Enhanced Lighting and Windows

Recognizing the importance of good lighting as they age, many baby boomers incorporate larger windows and improved lighting into their home plans. These choices deviate from standard designs and contribute to a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere.

Low-Maintenance Landscapes

Anticipating evolving maintenance capabilities, baby boomers gravitate towards low-maintenance exteriors like stucco, vinyl siding, or brick. Additionally, they favor practical landscaping choices, such as living patios or low-maintenance decorative elements, to minimize outdoor upkeep.

Flexible Living Space

Embracing life’s dynamic nature, baby boomers value flexibility in their homes. They prioritize versatile living spaces that can adapt to changing needs, allowing their homes to accommodate different stages of life seamlessly.

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