Tips for Choosing Door Knobs

Tips for Choosing Door Knobs

When crafting a well-designed and thoughtfully arranged home, attention to detail is paramount. It’s often the small elements that can make or break a room’s aesthetic. Even seemingly minor choices, like selecting a door knob, can significantly impact the overall ambiance of a space.

If you’re in the midst of redecorating and aiming to ensure every room is finely tuned, here are some valuable insights for choosing the perfect door knobs. This seemingly modest detail carries significant weight in your home’s design. This commitment to detail is precisely why Trinity Custom Homes’ reviews are so glowing!

Considering Door Knobs

When venturing into the realm of door knob selection, there are five critical aspects to keep in mind: type, style, material, finish, and lock. With a multitude of knob options available, narrowing down your choices based on these factors ensures you make the ideal selection.

Types of Door Knobs

Begin by pondering the type of door knob that resonates with you. Traditional round or oval knobs exude a classic charm. However, if you have elderly family members, lever-style knobs might be a more practical choice due to their user-friendly design. Lever handles also bring a touch of modernity. Ensure the lever’s orientation aligns with the door’s hinge direction for optimal functionality.

Styles of Door Knobs

In the past, designers primarily perceived door knobs as functional components rather than design elements. Nevertheless, door knobs possess the potential to be both functional and decorative. Hence, the knob’s style merits careful consideration to harmonize with your home’s aesthetic.

If aesthetic concerns are not paramount, the classic round knob serves its purpose. However, if you seek a more dynamic role for door knobs in your home’s design, explore options with distinctive styles like egg or oval-shaped knobs. Even lever-based knobs come in an array of styles, ranging from sleek to ornate and curved.

Further accentuating door knobs is the rosette, the faceplate on which the knob or lever is mounted. Rosettes come in various styles, such as round, oval, rectangle, and square, offering abundant choices to match diverse knob styles.

Materials and Finishes

Beyond type and style, the material and finish profoundly impact the door knob’s appearance on the door and within the space. Although most door knobs are metal, a plethora of metallic finishes—including bright brass, satin nickel, shiny gold, stainless steel, pewter, chrome, silver tones, and antiqued oil-rubbed bronze—are available.

While metal predominates, alternative materials like cut-glass and ceramic offer a charming old-world cottage-style aesthetic.

Consistency is key when selecting door knobs. All knobs within a given area should share the same finish to maintain a cohesive look.

Lock Types

Lock mechanisms are essential for specific interior doors. Closet doors typically remain unlocked, while bathrooms and bedrooms require locking options. Therefore, the type of lock is significant. Exterior doors commonly feature keyed locks, while button locks are prevalent indoors. Opt for a lockable door knob that can be unlocked from the outside using a specialized pin-like key to prevent accidental lockouts.

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