Choosing a Location for Your New Home

Choosing a Location for Your New Home

One of the best things about having a home custom-built by Trinity’s home builder in Georgia is that the homeowner has total control over everything that goes into their home’s design. But, perhaps even more importantly, they also get to choose where the home is going to be built.

When it comes to building a custom new home, location is just as important as design in terms of how much a family enjoys their new home. If you’re thinking about having a home custom built for your family, then here are some things you should be thinking about when choosing a location.

#1: Geographic Setting

Georgia has everything from major metropolitans to family-friendly suburbs to densely-forested rural areas. When you’re having a home built, you have the freedom to choose your geographic setting, so take the time to determine what type of lifestyle you want for your family. For instance, do you want the convenience that comes with living in the city or have you always dreamed of living in a remote location surrounded by woods?

#2: Neighborhood and School District

If you want to live in an established neighborhood, then you need to do your due diligence as every neighborhood has its own characteristics. If you have young children, you also need to be concerned about the school district the neighborhood lies in. For example, choosing a nice neighborhood might have property lots with higher price tags, but the quality of the public school may enable your child to get a great education without you having to foot the bill for a private school, thus saving you thousands of dollars per year.

When you’re researching neighborhoods, be sure to visit the community during the day and night, and on different weekdays and the weekend. This will give you a better idea of the neighborhood’s atmosphere. When visiting, pay attention to how much traffic moves through the neighborhood; how loud the neighborhood gets at night, and how well-lit it is at night.

#3: Safety

Nobody wants to live in fear that their home or car is going to be broken into. While it may be less expensive to live in an area with a higher crime rate, the risk just isn’t worth it. Not only will you live with a high level of anxiety, you’ll have difficulty selling your home should the area’s crime get to the point that you just can’t stand it anymore.

#4: Proximity to Work

Living closer to work not only cuts down on your commute time, it also helps you save more money (less money spent on gas, tolls, etc.) and reduces wear and tear on your car. So, for many new home buyers, this is a prime concern. If spending more time with your family is a goal, then you’ll want to choose a location closer to your work.

#5: Proximity to Family and Friends

Many homeowners choose to relocate because they want to be closer to their family or friends. If you’re thinking about moving for this reason, just be sure you really like the area you’re moving to because there’s always a chance that the people you’re moving closer to might move somewhere else in the future.

#6: Proximity to Amenities

Do you like dining at fine restaurants? Shopping at local boutiques? Walking museums or art galleries? If you do have certain hobbies or interests, and you don’t want to drive miles and miles to enjoy them, then you definitely need to think about this when choosing your location. While being out in the country might be where you want to live, it will make it less convenient for you to enjoy visiting your favorite places.

Trinity Custom Homes Can Help You Find the Perfect Location

If you’re in the early stages of planning your new home, the time to start looking at potential locations is now. You want to have your land purchased before you start designing your home because so much about the property will affect the home’s design and look. If you need help finding the right place to buy based on the type of home you’re looking to build, then Trinity’s home builders in Georgia can help.

Call Trinity Custom Homes today at 888-818-0278 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced custom home builders and we’ll get started bringing your dream of owning a custom-built home to life.