Ten Steps to Selecting the Right Builder for Your New Home

Ten Steps to Selecting the Right Builder for Your New Home

Over the course of one’s lifetime, several major decisions will have to be made. These can include choosing the right college, the right employer, the right partner, and so on. For many, one of the biggest life decisions is selecting the right builder for your new home.

If you’re in the market for a new home and you want it to be custom-built, then Trinity Custom Homes recommends following these ten steps to selecting the right builder for your new home.

#1 – Determine Your Needs

Before you can start thinking about builders, you have to determine your exact needs. For instance, how much can you afford to spend on your home? What size and type of home does your family require? Where would you like your new home to be located at?

Finding out these answers is your first step and once armed with this information you’ll be better prepared to start looking at builders.

#2 – Consider the Builder’s Experience

In the custom home building industry, experience counts. Always ask the builder how long they have been in the industry so you know whether or not you’re placing your trust in a builder that’s been around for a while.

#3 – Verify Builder Licensure and Insurance

Never work with a builder that isn’t at least licensed and insured or you could find yourself at the wrong end of an expensive nightmare. Do your due diligence and verify your builder is licensed and insured in the state they operate in.

#4 – Check References

Before choosing a builder, always ask for a list of references. Ask for the builder’s most recent clients and then contact them to learn about their experiences with the builder. Were they satisfied? Are there any major problems with their homes? How did the builder respond to questions or concerns after the construction was completed?

#5 – Make Sure the Builder is Comfortable with Your Design

If you have a particular style of home you’re interested in, make sure the builder has experience building homes like it. Ask to see examples. If the builder isn’t comfortable with your style of design, but they say they will build it nonetheless, then you might want to reconsider that builder.

#6 – Review Warranty and Service Information

Most builders provide some type of warranty, but some offer better warranties than others. Check with your builder about their warranty and service information so you can compare it with other candidates.

#7 – Keep Resale Value in Mind

You might not think resale is important when you’re building a custom home, but life is full of changes and there may come a time when you want to sell your home. Take a look at the builder’s history to see how their homes have stacked up when sold by their owners.

#8 – Is the Builder Involved in the Building Industry?

A builder that is involved in their industry shows they’re committed to using the latest techniques and products and that they follow a code of ethics. Ask the builder if they are a member of any Home Builder’s Associations or any other trade groups within the industry.

#9 – Tour the Builder’s Model Homes

Every builder should have model homes available for viewing. This is an all-important step because it gives you a glimpse into the builder’s workmanship.

#10 – Look for Signs of Quality at Every Phase of Your Interaction With a Builder

A builder that emphasizes quality will portray it at every phase of your interaction with them. From how they answer the phone to how they greet you at their offices to how they answer your questions, professionalism and quality should be standard operating procedure throughout.

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