New Homes Vs. Used: 10 Reasons Why Home Buyers Prefer New Homes

New Homes Vs. Used: 10 Reasons Why Home Buyers Prefer New Homes

Just like buying a car, there are two types of homes for new home buyers to choose from: new homes and used homes. For years, home buyers held to the belief that buying an existing home would save them money. But, today’s home buyers are bucking that trend and going the new home route. For these families, it all comes down to ten common factors.

In the great war of new vs. used homes, here are the top ten reasons why more home buyers are choosing new homes over used.

#1: Your Home, Your Way

When you buy a used home, you essentially have to change your lifestyle to conform to the home you’re buying. You have to fit your life into a pre-set number of rooms, a pre-set number of features, and a pre-set number of options. Sure, you can change things once you move in, but after spending so much on your home, do you really want to take on the added cost of updating?

On the other hand, with a custom built home, you get the exact home you need based on your wants and needs, not somebody else’s. And, it’s built with today’s families in mind, right down to your choice of lighting and fixtures.

#2: A Floor Plan for Your Unique Needs

With a custom home, you can change any floor plan to suit your unique needs. Do you want to include an extra bedroom? A home office? A playroom for your kids? With a used home, you’re stuck with what you get, but with a custom home, your options are endless.

#3: Energy Efficiency = Greater Savings

Older homes tend to be energy vampires. They were built using substandard materials and in most cases, their windows, doors, and insulation aren’t up to today’s standards. With a new home, you have the peace of mind knowing that your home is being built to the latest energy efficiency standards. This is important because your home will not only be more comfortable, it will also use less energy, resulting in lower utility bills.

#4: Everything is New and Under Warranty

In a new home, everything is absolutely brand new and therefore, it’s covered under the best warranty possible. This means you’ll have several years before you’ll have to start paying for repairs and/or replacements. In comparison, a used home comes as-is, with no warranty whatsoever. This means that if the 15-year old HVAC system that’s in the home fails a month after you buy it, you’re on the hook for the repair.

#5: Low Maintenance

Because everything in your new home is new and built using the latest innovations in building materials, your home will be a low maintenance home for several years. Older homes often require immediate attention on anything from the garage door to the furnace to the roof.

#6: Better Indoor Comfort

Older homes tend to be drafty and poorly insulated and this can cause the home to be too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. But, in a new home, your indoor environment will be comfortable all year long, regardless of the season. The indoor air quality will also be better as many older homes have areas of mold and mildew whereas a new home is completely clean with the air being filtered through a state-of-the-art HVAC system.

#7: State-of-the-Art Technology Throughout

A new home comes with all new appliances, cabinets, countertops, windows, and more. And, each and every one is built to the very highest standards and technology. You can definitely upgrade these things in an older home, but the cost of doing so can be substantially higher than you might imagine.

#8: A New Home is Safer

A home that was built in 1972 was built according to the safety standards of the time. But, things have changed and trying to run today’s electronics on such outdated electrical systems can be challenging and in some cases, dangerous. With a new home, such safety concerns aren’t in play. A new home is equipped with the latest home safety and security features so you can enjoy your home with total peace of mind.

#9: Modern Community Amenities

A new home that’s built in a new community provides you with access to a host of modern community amenities that are simply unavailable in older communities. For instance, you may have access to a beautiful community swimming pool, exercise facilities, recreational parks, hiking trails, a community center, clubhouse, and more.

#10: Nothing Beats That New Home Feel

You know that feeling you get when you sit in a brand new car? That feeling is multiplied whenever you set foot in a brand new home. Everything is shiny, clean and new and there’s nothing quite like it. On the other hand, when you buy a used home, you will most likely have to spend your first week (or longer) in the home cleaning, painting, and repairing things, just to make the place livable.

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