Top 7 Housing Trends for Baby Boomers

Top 7 Housing Trends for Baby Boomers

The baby boomer generation makes up the second largest portion of the American population, next to millennials. This generation, which currently consists of more than 76 million people, is made up of those who were born between 1946 and 1964 and most are either retired or nearing their retirement.

But, what sets the baby boomers apart from the previous generation is the fact that they are highly active, more sophisticated, and more likely than most other generations to be in the market for new homes. As a result, home builders are noticing certain trends among baby boomer home buyers. Here are the top seven things this generation wants in their new homes.

Hi-Tech Media Centers

Baby boomers have lived through some of the most incredible technological advancements of our time. As a result, this tech-savvy group wants their homes to boast top of the line hi-tech features like premium home theaters, whole house sound systems, home automation technology, advanced security solutions, wireless controls, and more.

Home Offices

Many baby boomers look at retirement as just another one of life’s transitions and with more time on their hands, some use this advantage to start their dream businesses. Of course, this means having the space available for getting work done and as a result, the home office is a common request.

Extra-Wide Doors and Hallways

Baby boomers are active and endlessly optimistic, but they also understand reality. They know that there may come a time in the future when they will need the assistance of a cane, walker, or wheelchair. Therefore, many choose to incorporate extra-wide doors and hallways into their home designs so their homes will be able to support their future needs.

First Floor Bedrooms and Bathrooms

In addition to wider doors and hallways, baby boomers also want at least one bedroom and a full-sized bathroom on the first floor. This will allow them to remain in their homes even if they lose the mobility to climb the stairs to the upper level of their houses.

Bigger Windows and Improved Lighting

The older the baby boomer generation gets, the more important good lighting throughout their homes will become. That’s why so many baby boomers plan ahead and incorporate larger windows and better lighting than what comes standard in most floor plans.

Easy-to-Maintain Landscapes

As the baby boom generation ages, they’ll gradually become less able to keep up with their landscapes and their homes’ exteriors. To help keep maintenance needs to a minimum, many home buyers of this generation choose low-maintenance home exteriors like stucco, vinyl siding, or brick. And, they replace large portions of their lawn with living patios or low-maintenance decorative landscaping.

Flexible Living Space

Flexibility is important to the baby boomer generation because they understand that life is always changing. This is why most home buyers of this generation prefer having one or more flexible rooms in their floor plans. This allows the home to accommodate the continually changing needs of its owners.

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