How to Pick a Custom Home Plan

How to Pick a Custom Home Plan

There are several reasons why you might want to buy a new home. For instance, your family may have outgrown your existing home. Or, your children might have grown and left home so now it’s time to scale down. Or, your current home simply isn’t meeting your current needs. Regardless of why you’re interested in buying a new home, the trick to buying successfully is choosing the right home plan for your unique set of wants and needs.

Here, Trinity Custom Homes shares the top ten considerations you should make when picking your custom home plan so you can help ensure the home you get is the one you want.

What Do You Want in Your New Home?

What is your current home lacking that you want to include in your new home plan? Do you want more storage? More bedrooms? An open concept for easier entertaining? A home office or larger garage? Knowing exactly what you want from your new home will help you start off in a better position when choosing among your builder’s floor plans.

What Will Your Home Needs Be in 5 or 10 Years?

Even though you’re buying a home today, you still need to take into consideration your home needs over the next five to ten years. Will your family be growing or will your children be moving out after graduating from college? Do you expect to have an aging parent moving in with you?

Does Your Home Design and Location Complement Each Other?

Ideally, you should have a site for your home before you decide on a home plan. This will allow you the flexibility to change your home’s design so it complements your surroundings. Remember, you can change every aspect of your home to suit your site, but not the other way around.

Does Your Home Design Fit With Those Around It?

You don’t want to build a home that will have you looking like an orange in a crate of apples. If you’re building in an established community, then choosing a plan that fits in with those properties around it is highly recommended.

Where Does the Sun Strike on Your Lot?

If you want the sun to shine in certain rooms in the morning and other rooms to offer a look at the sunset, then you need to know how and where the sun hits your lot throughout every part of the day.

How Much Do You Have to Change a Floor Plan to Get the Home You Want?

If you have to make extensive changes to an existing floor plan in order to get the home you want, consider having a home custom designed and built for your unique wants and needs. The cost will probably be very comparable.

What’s More Important, Size or Amenities?

Is it more important for your home to be big with standard amenities or do you prefer a smaller home with high-end amenities? Depending on your financial status, you might have to make a decision, so knowing which one you prefer beforehand will make it easier to pick your plan.

Are the Rooms Sized Appropriately According to Use?

Most home buyers want the rooms they use the most to be the largest. Make sure your most heavily-used rooms are large enough to support your expectations.

What are Your Decorating Preferences?

Your decorating preferences can impact your home plan choice. For instance, if you prefer to decorate your home similarly throughout, such as in a cozy farmhouse theme, then an open floor plan will suit your decorating style. But, if you prefer each room to have a theme of its own, then you’ll want to avoid an open floor plan as this will create design clashes.

Do You Require Special Interest Rooms?

In addition to bedrooms, will your home plan require any special interest rooms? Such rooms can include a home office, a collector’s room, an exercise room, an artist’s studio, or a reader’s nook. Whatever your interests, make sure you include a room within your design to ensure your home satisfies your lifestyle.

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It’s important to know what you want in your new home before you start looking at home plans. This will help reduce the time it takes for your build to get under way and it will help ensure the finished home is exactly the home you want.

If you’re looking for a custom home builder in GA who can design and build your new home to your needs and budget, then just readTrinity Custom Homes’ reviews for a look into our dedication to quality and our commitment to our customers. Call us today at 888-818-0278 to get started.