Getting the Home You Want: Tips for Designing Your Dream Home

Getting the Home You Want: Tips for Designing Your Dream Home

Only you know what you want and need from your home. So, why put the responsibility of meeting your needs into the hands of a builder of a home that was built 25 years ago? The truth is, there is simply no way for a home that’s that old to serve your family’s needs. This is why so many of today’s families are choosing to go the custom design route. In fact, all it takes is to read a few Trinity Custom Homes reviews to see how satisfied home buyers are with their custom-built homes.

With a custom-designed home, you get exactly the home you want, with or without certain bells and whistles. You’re completely in charge, so the finished home is exactly what you envisioned for your family. But, even custom-designing a home has its challenges. Luckily, they can be overcome by following these six tips from Trinity Custom Homes.

#1: Get Your Ideas Down on Paper

If you have an idea for your ideal floorplan, then trace it out on a piece of paper. If you know what you want your home to include, then write it down. Keep a notebook and use it solely to record your dream home notes. Include everything from lighting and appliances to flooring and paint colors. Have your family pitch in so everyone is involved in the home’s design. This information will be invaluable to your design team and it will help ensure you get the home you have been dreaming about.

#2: Consider Your Family’s Future Needs, Not Just Today’s

When you’re taking on the expense of building a home, you are probably intending to live in it for several years. Therefore, the home needs to be able to accommodate your family’s current and future needs. For instance, will you have an aging parent move in with you in the near future? Do you expect your college graduate to be returning home? Are planning on starting your own business in the near future? Are you planning on having more children? Having an idea of your family’s future needs is crucial for ensuring your new home will be able to manage it.

#3: Prioritize

Once you have a list of features you want to include in your custom home, you should prioritize them so you can ensure the most important ones are included in the home’s design. This is important because your budget may not permit everything to be included at the time of building. If this is the case, then at least your most necessary features will be included.

#4: Consider Your Lot and the Home’s Placement

The lot where you are planning on building your new home has a big impact on your home’s design and placement. For instance, if the land is sloped, then certain alterations may need to be made to the home’s design. Additionally, you should think about how best to showcase your home’s attributes. A good example of this is positioning the home in such a way so that the living room windows provide the best possible view of the surrounding nature.

#5: Think About the Flow of Your Home’s Design

Once you and your designer come up with a model of your home’s floorplan, look over it closely to see how it flows. For instance, are the rooms smartly laid out? Are the bedrooms away from the home’s noisier spots, like the kitchen or living room? Is the bathroom far away from the kitchen? Is the floorplan open and easily navigated?

#6: Don’t Forget About Natural Lighting

One of the things most home buyers fail to consider when designing a custom home’s location is the position of the sun and the arc it takes over the property. This is highly important because natural light plays such an important role in a family’s enjoyment of their home. Therefore, it’s important to think about which parts of the home you want to have natural light in the morning and in which rooms you want to see the sun set in the evening.

Trinity Custom Homes Can Help You Design the Home of Your Dreams

Trinity Custom Homes is one of the country’s largest custom home builders. We build throughout five southeastern states, including Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. Our team of expert architects can help you design your ultimate dream home. For a sample of what you can expect from working with us, take a few moments and read our Trinity Custom Homes reviews. Then, give us call today at 888-818-0278 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced custom home builders.