Decorating Your Mantel for the Holidays

Decorating Your Mantel for the Holidays

Of all of the parts in your home, none is as conducive to holiday decorating as the humble mantel. In fact, it’s the most thoughtfully considered element next to the Christmas tree in most homes. After all, for generations, the mantel has been the go-to spot for hanging stockings with care.

If you’re looking for some creative inspiration for mantel this holiday season, then here are some tips that can help.

Go with the Classic Christmas Look

Few things make a mantel sing for the holidays quite like draping evergreen garland over it. Place hurricane lamps on either end for added height and of course, hang the iconic stockings, perfectly spaced, above the hearth.

Make It Sophisticated and Lush

Cedar garland is well known for its full, lush look. Therefore, this feathery style of greenery is a good choice if you want to really fill up your mantel. Add some frosted pine cones, white flowers, and some light green reindeer moss for a nice touch. You can even add some cinnamon sticks, oranges, or limes for a splash of color and fragrance.

Give the Mantel a Personal Touch

If you love taking holiday photos or you receive a lot of cards at the holidays, then the mantel makes for the perfect place to put them on display. Weave some evergreen garland around your photos and lend the display some color in the form of bright red carnations.

Add Some Whimsy to Your Mantel

Who says your Christmas décor needs to follow traditional guidelines? This year, why not add some whimsy to your mantel? Instead of garland, try some artificial snow. Decorate your mantel with antique toys, vintage figurines, and old fashioned glass ornaments.

Bigger is Better

If you really want to decorate your mantel in style this year, you can’t go wrong with loading it up with seasonal greenery. Use floral foam to secure store bought garland, clipped magnolia, holly, pine, and cedar. Fill it up and let it overflow in grandeur style. Finish the look by incorporating rose hips, millet, and milo throughout.

Keep It Simple

If you prefer a lighter decorative touch, then all you need is an appropriately sized wreath center-hung above the fireplace. Place two red hurricanes at either end of the mantel, add a few small decorative items, and hand your stockings over the hearth. Simple, yet beautiful.

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