Recessed Lighting vs Track Lighting

Recessed Lighting vs Track Lighting

When designing a new home with Trinity Custom Homes, a homeowner has the freedom and flexibility to choose exactly what goes into their home right down to what type of lighting is featured in each room. This is usually a fun and relatively easy job, but when it comes to choosing a source of task lighting, that’s when things can become difficult.

Task lighting is a type of lighting that is used to light up a specific area, such as illuminating a piece of art or shedding light on a work surface. In most cases, this means deciding between recessed lighting and track lighting. Both offer task lighting solutions, but they are actually two totally different types of lighting systems.

Here’s everything you need to know about recessed lighting vs track lighting.

What is Recessed Lighting?recessed-lighting-layout

Recessed lighting is a type of light fixture that gets installed above the ceiling so that the open part of the fixture is flush with the ceiling. The fixture, also known as the “can” gets mounted to the ceiling joists using a hangar bar system. The result is a very clean and unobtrusive look because the light fixtures don’t extend beyond the edge of the ceiling; instead, they blend in with the surface of the ceiling.

Recessed lights are best used in areas where you need downward-focused lighting. Such areas can include over kitchen counters and islands, in bathrooms, in a basement game room, or even down a hallway. Recessed lights can be used for everything from task lighting to accent lighting to general lighting.

Because recessed lighting blends in smoothly with the ceiling, it is a much more subtle type of lighting system. These types of lights are also relatively easy to install because they are placed between ceiling joists and covered with drywall. It is important to note that there are two different types of recessed light fixtures, those with IC-Rated housings and those with Non-IC housings. If you are installing your recessed lights in a ceiling that is insulated, then you will have to use IC-Rated fixtures. These fixtures are specially designed for use in and around insulation. You should only use Non-IC fixtures in ceilings that aren’t insulated.

What is Track Lighting?kitchen-track-lighting-lowes

Whereas recessed lights sit almost invisibly along the surface of the ceiling, track lighting involves a narrow track that runs along the ceiling and from which hangs a series of fixtures. The track is mounted to a junction box, which provides the track with power.

Today’s track-lighting systems offer a range of styles and types for homeowners to choose from. For instance, a basic track system involves a simple track that runs along the ceiling. Meanwhile, a monorail track lighting system has a track that hangs a few inches below the ceiling. Then there’s the cable track light system. This type features steel cables arranged like a train track, with the actual lights hanging from the center of the track.

Although track lighting can be a little more of a complex installation, it is usually a more cost-effective solution overall. This is because the track is mounted directly to the surface of the ceiling. Thus, installing this type of lighting is much less invasive than cutting out large holes in the ceiling for recessed can lighting.

Plus, not all ceilings can accommodate recessed lighting cans whereas track lighting can be installed just about anywhere. This type of system also offers more flexibility to your lighting design because the lamps can be adjusted to illuminate specific areas instead of directly below the fixture.

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