Tips for Choosing Door Knobs

Tips for Choosing Door Knobs

When it comes to designing a beautiful and smartly-laid out home, the devil is in the details. It’s the small things that make or break a room. It’s why today’s brightest decorators and designers think long and hard about things before making a selection for a room because even something as small as the door knob can have an effect on a room’s overall feel.

If you’re redecorating your home and you want to make sure all of your rooms are on-point, then here are some tips for choosing the right door knobs. As you’ll see, this simple and small detail will loom large in your home’s design. After all, this attention to detail is why Trinity Custom Homes’ reviews are so positive!

Considering Door Knobs

When you start comparing door knobs for a certain space, you need to keep five things in mind – the type, style, material, finish, and lock. There are literally thousands of different knobs available on the market. Being able to narrow down your choices using these five factors will help ensure you pick the right one for the job.

Types of Door Knobs

The first things you should think about is the type of door knob you like best. Round or oval knobs are traditional and they can lend a more classic look, but if you have elderly family members in your home, then a lever-style knob might be a better fit because they’re so much easier to handle. Lever-style handles also give a home a more modern feel. But, if you go with a lever-style, then you need to keep in mind the direction that the lever faces. In other words, a right-handed lever should be chosen for a door that is hinged on the right.

Styles of Door Knobs

For years, designers didn’t give the door knob much thought because they were considered functional pieces and not aesthetic. While the doorknob does perform an important function, it also has the potential to be a decorative element inside the home. Therefore, thought has to be given to the style of knob you want for your home.

If you aren’t concerned with décor, then the classic round knob will suit you just fine. But, if you want your door knobs to play a role in your home’s design, then you can opt for something with a little more flair, like an egg or oval-shaped knob. Even lever-based knobs come in a variety of styles, from sleek to decorative and curved.

Another thing that can add interest and beauty to a door knob is the rosette. This is the face plate that the knob or lever sits on. Rosettes are available in a wide array of styles, including round, oval, rectangle, and square, so you’ll have plenty of options for every style of knob.

Materials and Finishes

As important as type and style are to your choice of door knob, the material and finish of the knob are even more important to how it actually looks on the door and in the space. Even though most doorknobs are made of metal, they can come in a variety of metallic finishes like bright brass, satin nickel, shiny gold, stainless steel, pewter, chrome, silver tones and antiqued oil-rubbed bronze, just to name a few.

Although the largest number of knobs are made of metal, other materials are also available, such as cut-glass knobs and knobs made from ceramic. Door knobs made from these types of materials lend a more old-world cottage-style look to any home.

When choosing door knobs, it’s important to keep in mind that all of the doorknobs within a viewing area should have the same finish. This is to give the area a uniform look.

Lock Types

On the inside of your home, not every door knob is going to need a locking mechanism. For instance, closet doors are not usually locked. But, some rooms do need a lock option, like the bathrooms and bedrooms. As a result, the type of lock you choose matters. For instance, keyed locks are used almost exclusively on exterior doors. Inside the home, door knobs with button locks are more common. When choosing a lockable door knob for the interior of your home, it is best to choose one that can be unlocked from the outside of the door using a special pin-like key. This makes it easy to unlock the door should it get accidentally locked.

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