Organizing Mistakes That Make Your House Look Messy

Organizing Mistakes That Make Your House Look Messy

At Trinity Custom Homes Georgia, we want you to get the most out of your new home and the best feeling every time to walk through your door. We want homeowners to get a sense that their home is their sanctuary that provides them with whatever they need on a daily basis, including a chance to decompress and relax.

Everyone wants to achieve a calm feeling upon stepping into their home, but what happens when the homeowner spends hours organizing their belongings, even installing decorative storage units, only to find that their home still feels messy?

Read on to find out you might be doing wrong while organizing your home that keeps your environment feeling messy.

What You Might Be Doing Wrong and How to Fix It

Mistake: Having exposed kitchen shelving like cabinets with glass doors

You are busy working and studying and taking care of your home and everyone in it, so it is expected your kitchen cabinets may become less than perfectly organized at times. The solution, add small curtains or contact paper inside of the glass doors to hide the contents.

Mistake: Not accounting for paper accumulation

We all know how fast paper can accumulate, especially on kitchen counters and entry ways. Designate a file folder to catch these papers as they come into your home. Sort through the papers daily or weekly, but don’t let the folder overflow with papers.

Mistake: Using your refrigerator as a reminder or keepsake board

A refrigerator door full of magnets, kids’ art work, reminders, and papers will attract attention to a messy focal point. Instead, have a designated cork board by your kitchen to pin up reminders, photos, and whatever else you need to see daily.

Mistake: Clearing off surfaces completely

Your home should look lived-in and inviting for you and your family. Don’t aim to get the counters and tables as clear as possible. Instead, only keep the appliances and other items you use daily. A coffee maker places out on the counter will save you time and make your space look more practical.

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