How to Design a Family Photo Wall

How to Design a Family Photo Walltrinity custom homes georgia

Today, the majority of photos taken are stored on smartphones or “in the cloud.” But, hidden amid all of the selfies and dinner plate pics are some genuine family memories. What better way to enjoy those photos and relive those moments than by creating a family photo wall? A family photo wall is the perfect way to remember your family members who have passed on as well as welcome newer arrivals. A photo wall adds warmth to a home and showcases a family’s love for one another. If you want to create your very own family photo wall, then here are some tips from Trinity Custom Homes Georgia to help your project turn out beautifully.

Create a Craft Paper Template

Select the photos you want to showcase on your wall and insert them in their frames. The, take craft paper and trace the dimensions of each frame on the paper and cut them out. Next, take painter’s tape and start taping up the paper cut-outs. This will enable you to “see” how your project will look before you start hammering nails into the wall.

Use a Free Graphic Program

If you are going to be hanging your photos on a wall where there will be a piece of furniture against the wall, then take a photo of the wall with the furniture in position and use a free graphic program, like PicMonkey, to create different photo layouts until you find the one you like best.

Visit Pinterest for Inspiration

Pinterest is the go-to source when you need inspiration for your interior design. The social media site has a tremendous array of display ideas and templates to choose from.

5 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Photos

Create a Focal Point on the Wall – A well-designed photo wall needs to have a focal point so it looks aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. Ideally, the center of the display should be at eye level. In most cases, a focal point that’s 66″ off the ground works.

Crop Your Photos – Not every photo is ready to be framed. Sometimes, there are things in a photo that don’t need to be there. Cropping your photos will allow you to ensure the viewer’s attention is on the subject and not diverted to something else.

Bring Old Photos Back to Life – Some old photos have a bit of charm about them with their faded monochrome finish. But, some old photos can be a little worse for wear. So, before you hang them up, bring them back to life by restoring them closer to their original look. With Google’s PhotoScan app, you can restore your old family photos using your phone.

Pick the Right Paint Color for Your Photo Wall – If you have ever been in a museum or art gallery, you may have noticed that certain works of art are hung on different colored walls. There’s a reason for this. Wall color plays a significant role in how your photos will look. So, before you start hanging photos, think about the color of the wall and see if there’s another color that would work better with your display.

Practice Proper Wall and Frame Care – When you’re creating a photo wall, you want to ensure that your beloved photos are protected. But, you also want to minimize any damage to your wall. So, instead of using traditional picture hangers, use frame hangers, which are sturdier. You should also apply self-stick felt discs to the backs of your frames where they contact the wall. This will help prevent them from scratching the wall.

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