Is a Finished Basement Right for You?

Is a Finished Basement Right for You?

Are you building a home and confused about whether you should finish your basement? The decision to finish the basement or leave it unfinished is a stressful decision for many homeowners. Here are a few of our reasons for finishing your basement or leaving it unfinished.

Finishing Your Basement

In most cases, a finished basement is the best choice for homeowners. A finished basement is particularly important for resell value because it adds livable and usable space to the home. This livable and usable space is also great for you and your family to enjoy, which is one of our primary reasons why we recommend finished basements to most homeowners and you can find finished basements in most of our building plans. A finished basement gives you and your loved ones another place to unwind. Many times the finished basement is the place where homeowners put their foosball table, surround sound TV system, or bar. This is the place where they host family parties and get-togethers with friends. Another important consideration for finishing your basement rather than leaving it unfinished is that a finished basement will get rid of the potential damp areas found in the basement that can lead to mold and water problems. By finishing the basement, you can avoid these problems.

Leaving Your Basement Unfinished

There are a few reasons to consider leaving your basement unfinished. First, the cost to finish a basement can add a significant amount to your overall custom home quote. For some homeowners, this added amount can be too much. You can always finish the basement at a later date, particularly if you stud the basement according to your future design plan. Another possible reason for not finishing the basement is if you plan to use the space for storage or a workshop space. In those cases, a finished basement is not necessary and an unfinished basement will suffice.

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