Using Nature for Fall and Winter Decorating

Using Nature for Fall and Winter Decorating

One of the most wonderful things about the fall and winter is the creative inspiration that comes with the changing of the seasons. It’s the time of year when we put away summer’s light and airy decorations and break out the warmer home décor and rustic accents.

And, when it comes to decorating your home in the fall and winter, all you need to do is look outside of your window. Everything you need to bring a rustic touch to your home décor is right there in your own backyard, and best of all, it’s all free! Here are some tips from Trinity Custom Homes on how to use nature for your fall and winter decorating.

Fill Your Fireplace with Wood

Whether your fireplace is a working fireplace or not, wood looks right at home inside of it. If your fireplace is unused, you can cut wood and stack the pieces neatly inside until the entire opening is filled with stacked wood. By filling the fireplace with wood, you’ll give the room a warmer look than leaving it empty.

Fill Bud Vases with Feathers

As the birds start their annual migration south for the winter, you’ll no doubt start finding feathers in your yard. So, scoop them up and place them on display throughout your home. Putting them in small bud vases or even empty and cleaned glass soda bottles will make for a beautiful and graceful display. And don’t worry if you can’t find any feathers; your local arts and crafts store has imitation feathers you can use to the same effect.

Turn a Fallen Branch into Something Magical

Strong storms often accompany the changing of the seasons and in some cases, branches can fall from your trees. If you come across a branch, clean it up and bring it inside. You can secure it to the wall above a bed, wrap some twinkling lights across it, and you’ll create something unique and magical. Just be sure you check the branch over to make sure you aren’t bringing bugs into the home.

Pack a Large Vase Full of Fall Foliage

If you have to prune some trees, then wait until fall. Prune smartly and take the branches inside and stick them in a large standing vase. The colorful plume of leaves will add a nice warm touch to any corner or nook.

Make Garland from Fall’s Flowers

Fall offers an explosion of color with its flowers, leaves, and ornamental grasses. And, you can bring this lush beauty inside by creating a one-of-a-kind garland. Use whatever you can find; the result will be stunning no matter what you use.

Set the Table with Herbs

If your herbs are still producing, snip some and use them to make colorful and fragrant accents for your dining room table. For the holidays, you can even create napkin holders out of them. From rosemary to lavender, you can’t go wrong with herbs for fall and winter decorating.

Decorate with Succulents

As winter rolls in, most of the flowers and plants will die off until spring’s return. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy live foliage inside. Just pick up a few succulents and create a gorgeous centerpiece with them for your table.

Fill a Bucket with Pine Cones

If your yard is graced by coniferous trees, take a walk and gather up a bunch of fallen cones. Fill up a metal bucket or vintage pail with pine cones and you’ll add instant character and warmth to any corner of your home.

Get Ready for Winter with Trinity Custom Homes

Whether you’re getting your holiday decorations out of storage or you just want to add some natural beauty to your home this season, take advantage of everything Mother Nature has to offer. There’s a world of beauty around your new home. Get to know it and you’ll find everything you need to make your home warmer and cozier as the chilly weather rolls in.

Or, if you’re in the market for a new home, call Trinity Custom Homes today at 888-818-0278 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced custom home builders. We build in five southeastern states, so let us help you fulfill your dream of owning the perfect home in the area you want to live.