All About Window Treatments

All About Window Treatments

Walk into any room in any home and if the window treatments are out of proportion, you’ll immediately get a sense that there’s just something wrong with the room’s design, even if you don’t notice the window treatments right away. When window treatments aren’t sized right or they feature tiebacks that don’t match or the rod dimensions are just too long, people notice.

For a home builder, getting the right proportion window treatments in a model home is crucial because when the proportions are correct, they lend a finished look to the room while producing an atmosphere that just feels right.

Here’s everything you need to know about window treatments and getting the proportions right from Trinity Custom Homes’ home builder GA.

Window Treatment Lengthswindow-panels

When it comes to achieving the best look, the length of your curtain panels should reflect the size of your windows. For instance, if you have floor-to-ceiling windows or you have a glass panel door, then you’ll want your panels to extend all the way down to the point where they just graze the surface of the floor. Panels that are too long or too short for the window will look unsightly and off.

Panel Widths

A window treatment should never look flat. It should be full enough so that when it is closed, it still retains some of its contoured look. This means that you will almost always need more than one panel per window, especially considering that a 54-inch wide sheath of fabric only produces a window treatment that’s 18-inches wide after it’s been hemmed and shirred.

Tieback Considerationspb-standard-holdback-set-of-2-antique-bronze-finish-c

The width of the tieback is important when you’re designing the look of your window treatments. But, just as important is the placement of the tieback. So many homeowners position their tiebacks at the center-point of their curtains, but this doesn’t always present the best look. Instead, try placing the tiebacks somewhat above or below center and you’ll find it adds an extra touch of character to your treatments.

Bridging Two Window Treatment Elements

Depending on the window, using two types of window treatments can provide an added layer of elegance or functionality. Examples of this would be using a valance or a shade with panels. But, any time you feature more than one type of treatment, you need to be careful because if you choose wrong, your treatments could clash.valence

Your choice in valance requires even closer consideration because by adding this type of treatment, you will be further reducing the amount of natural light that enters the room. Therefore, the length and shape of the valance are especially important because the farther down the valance extends over the panels, the less light will filter in. But, a valance that is too short looks worse than one that is too long. If you aren’t sure about your particular valance, it always pays to err on it being too long rather than too short.

As far as valance shape is concerned, there is an extensive selection out there available in everything from straight across to pointed finishes. If your valance consists of both long and short points, then the shortest point should cover the heading of the drapery and the longest point about six inches longer.

To find out which size valance will work best for your window, create a temporary valance using butcher paper and pin it or tape it in place. Shorten it or lengthen it as necessary until you find your ideal size.

Rod Dimensions

Choosing the right size rod for hanging your curtains is another important consideration. In most cases, smaller and narrower windows will be best served by thinner rods, while larger and wider windows demand something with more substance.

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