Common New Homeowner Mistakes to Avoid

Common New Homeowner Mistakes to Avoid

Buying a new home is always an exciting time in one’s life, but when the home is one that has been custom designed and built exclusively according to your needs, the experience is altogether more rewarding. That said, many new homeowners make certain mistakes that can often lead to costly repairs, a compromised home, and reduced property values.

If you’re getting ready to move into your new home, Trinity’s custom home builder GA recommends trying to avoid making the following common mistakes.

Making Alterations to Your Finished Landscape

Once you move into your new home, you may choose to make alterations to your finished landscape, such as planting some additional trees or shrubs. But, your builder designed your landscape to ensure water is diverted away from your home. If you’re not familiar with how gradation works, then you could wind up making landscape changes that result in water flowing back toward your home instead of away from it. This will result in pools of water forming around the home that over time will eventually cause a leaky basement.

Storing Household Items in the Attic

In most homes, the attic is designed solely as the roof’s support system. It is not intended to be used as storage space. But, many homeowners use the empty attic space to store unused household items, holiday decorations, clothing, and other things. This is not recommended as the attic not only suffers incredible temperature and humidity variations through the year, but placing heavy items in the attic can actually cause a roof to sag or even collapse.

Positioning Sprinkler Heads That Spray Water Against the Home’s Exterior

Sprinkler heads should be directed away from the home’s exterior, but many homeowners choose to use them to water flowers planted near the home. Unfortunately, this can cause discoloration of the home’s exterior over time and in some cases, the water can even cause your walls to rot or your home’s foundation to shift.

Walking on the Roof

A homeowner should never walk on his or her roof because a simple scuff can lead to a dangerous slip and fall situation or damage to the roof’s covering. Gutter cleaning should only be done via a ladder. Only people experienced in roofing should walk on the roof of a home.

Not Using the Vents in the Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Laundry Rooms

Vents play a major role in keeping the moisture from building up in your home. Any time you take a shower, boil water, or engage in an activity that causes humidity in your home, you need to run your exhaust fans to force the moisture-laden air out of the home. This is essential for keeping mold and mildew from forming within your walls.

Not Knowing Where the Property Lines Are

When you buy a new home, you’re given a survey of your home’s property at closing. This gives you a general idea of where your property lines are but unless you have your property staked out by a surveyor you’re making a guess as to where they really lay. It is important for you to know exactly where your property lines are so you don’t inadvertently plant or remove plants from your neighbor’s land or have a fence installed that encroaches on your neighbor’s property.

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