Tips for Choosing the Best Tile for a Room

Tips for Choosing the Best Tile for a Room

If you’ve been to your local home improvement store recently, then you probably discovered that the flooring section has grown to become the largest section in the store. This is because hard flooring is fast becoming the standard among homeowners thanks to its resiliency, durability, and diversity of color and texture options.

Of course, all of this selection can also have its drawbacks. From the various types of tile styles to color choices to all of the different grouts to pick from, deciding on a room’s tile can be a considerable challenge. But, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips from ourcustom home builder in GA for picking the best tile for any room.

What Type of Tile Should I Choose?

Tile is a very durable flooring option, but some varieties are better able to stand up to heavy traffic over others, so you need to consider the room’s traffic when deciding on the type of tile. For instance, natural stone is extremely resilient and hard to chip or crack.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are also durable, but because these are man-made products, they do vary in their durability. When looking at these types of tiles, pay attention to the product’s PEI scale. The PEI scale classifies the tile’s surface according to its ability to resist abrasions and it runs from 1 to 5, with PEI 5 being the most resilient. So, if the room you want to tile sees a lot of foot traffic, then you will want to choose a tile with a PEI of at least 3.

What Size Tile Should I Pick?

Tile is available in a wide range of sizes, from mini mosaics to 5’x10’ porcelain panels. The size you choose depends on the look you’re going for in the room. For instance, if you want to make the room appear larger than it is, then choosing larger tiles will cut down on the number of grout lines and this will give the effect of it being a larger room.

Tile Texture Options

Tiles can be either matte finished, textured, or polished to a highly reflective sheen. The type you choose again depends on the room’s use. For instance, polished tiles aren’t ideal for rooms where the flooring may get wet, such as in a bathroom or kitchen. This is because polished tiles become very slick when wet. So, a matte or texture tile may be better suited in these areas. Then again, if you’re more concerned about looks over slip resistance, then polished porcelain or marble tiles might be a good fit for these spaces.

Tile Color Guidelines

Of all of the different options included in choosing tile, color is arguably the one that is most affected by personal preference. But, there are still some guidelines that should be followed. For instance, darker colors should be used to add warmth to a space while lighter colors will make the room appear larger. Vibrant colors will lend a cheerful feel to the room while neutral colors will provide more design flexibility through the years. Choosing tiles with slight color or shade variations will give the room more depth and character.

See and Touch the Tile Before Choosing

There’s a reason why buying tile over the Internet is not a good idea. You need to actually see the tile and touch it before selecting it. This is the only way to be sure that it is exactly the type, color, and finish you’re looking for.

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