Picking the Right Custom Lighting

Enhancing Your Home with Proper Lighting

When you’re designing a custom home for your family with a home builder in Georgia, a significant part of your focus will be dedicated to creating the right floorplan and appropriately sized rooms. However, when it comes to infusing your home with a personal touch, as they say, “the devil is in the details.” Few elements can shape a home’s ambiance like lighting.

Choosing suitable lighting for each room in the house is often a complex yet rewarding process. Lighting adds the perfect finishing touch when executed correctly. If you’re unsure where to begin, this guide will help you understand the lighting needs of each room, assisting you in making the optimal choices for your home’s lighting.

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen serves as the busiest area in the entire home. It’s where you prepare your family’s meals and where your kids tackle their homework. Additionally, it typically plays a central role in family gatherings and entertainment. Consequently, effective kitchen lighting design encompasses various lighting options. For instance, lighting over the sink and food preparation areas is categorized as “task lighting.” Pendant fixtures or recessed lighting can illuminate these areas. On the other hand, a chandelier is ideal for the dining space, providing a pleasant ambient light for meals. The ability to control each type of light in the kitchen and dining area separately enables you to craft a well-balanced lightscape suitable for any mood or purpose.

Family Room Lighting

The family room is a versatile, multi-use space that demands adaptable lighting to align with its users’ needs. It’s essential to consider the room’s intended purpose before selecting lighting fixtures. Will the room primarily be used for watching television, or does your family prefer reading over TV? Will the room showcase artwork, or will the design remain minimalistic? A family room typically incorporates a range of lighting elements, including lamps and wall sconces for warmth, along with directional lighting for reading or highlighting art and collectibles.

Bathroom Lighting

Among all the rooms in a home, the bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to lighting considerations. However, given its role as the space where you prepare for the day’s events, proper bathroom lighting is crucial. In most cases, bathroom lighting comprises a vanity fixture above the mirror, wall sconces for ambiance, and potentially a light fixture/exhaust fan combination. But the possibilities extend further. For example, strategically positioned flush mount ceiling fixtures offer discreet, comprehensive room-filling illumination. In larger bathrooms, a small- to mid-size chandelier can even be accommodated for added elegance.

Bedroom Lighting

Creating the right atmosphere in the bedroom is vital for various activities. The lighting should emit a warm, relaxing ambiance suitable for intimacy and tranquility, while also offering the flexibility to provide sufficient brightness for reading or tasks like folding laundry. In a child’s room, the lighting should offer ample light for homework, yet maintain a soft quality conducive to easy falling asleep.

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