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Environmental Responsibility Saves You Money

At Trinity Custom Homes, we’re committed to providing energy-efficient homes for our customers for two reasons. First, it’s simply the right thing to do. Second, as energy prices continue to increase, providing our customers with a quality, energy-efficient home is more than good customer service, it’s a way to make home ownership more affordable. At Trinity Custom Homes, we believe that going “green” saves you and your family a lot of “green” over the life of your custom home.


Insulation in your home provides resistance to air flow. An insulating material’s resistance to conductive heat flow is measured or rated in terms thermal resistance or R Value. The higher the R value, the greater its effectiveness which ultimately lowers your heating and cool cost.

Trinity Custom Homes Offers:

  • R 19 Exterior Wall Insulation
  • R 8 Insulated Ducts
  • R 19 Floor Insulation
  • R 38 Flat Ceiling Insulation

Low E 450 Series Double Hung Windows

According to independent research, these Low E 450 energy efficient windows can save the homeowner up to 16% of heating costs and up to 23% on cooling costs. They are also able to reflect damaging ultraviolet light which can help protect your interior furnishings from fading over time.

15 Seer Energy Star Heat Pump

ENERGY STAR certified heat pumps have higher ratings for seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), energy efficiency ratio (EER), and heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) and use about 5% percent less energy than conventional new models.

Caulked Sills, Plates, and Corners

The main reason to seal a home’s leaks is that it is the only way to be energy efficient and to provide a healthy interior environment. Air Leakage leads to excessive moisture in the summer and extreme dryness in the winter. Homes with leakage also have more dust and other irritants floating around inside. We at Trinity Custom Homes pay attention to these important small details.

Steel Insulated Exterior Doors

Steel doors are recognized for superior security benefits as well as their insulation factor.

Energy Star Appliances

ENERGY STAR certified appliances are built to standards that make them energy efficient, saving you money in the kitchen and throughout your home.

ZIP System Exterior Sheathing

ZIP System sheathing and tape is an innovative structural roof and wall system with an integrated water resistant and air barrier that streamlines the weatherization process and transforms it with a simple two-step installation. Air leakage can increase energy costs because it makes heating and cooling systems work harder to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With ZIP System sheathing and tape, you can build in protection against air leakage and possible moisture damage within your walls. ZIP System is sheathing and tape is a revolutionary solution for exterior walls and roofs with a built-in moisture barrier and air-tight, taped beams, to keep air and moisture out and energy savings and comfort in.

Consider these features of your new Trinity Custom Home:

  • 2” X 6” Framed Exterior Walls
  • Thick, Efficient R-19 Wall and Floor Insulation
  • Super Efficient R-38 Ceiling Insulation
  • Low-E Insulated Double Hung Windows
  • Huber’s Complete Zip System
  • Energy Efficient 15 SEER Heat Pump