6 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party in Your New Home

6 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party in Your New Home

The holiday season is always an exciting time of year. But, when it’s your first holiday season in your brand new home, it can be an especially thrilling time. And, as the owner of a new home, you’re probably anxiously anticipating hosting your very first holiday get-together so all of your friends and family can see your beautiful new home.

Here are some tips from our custom home builder in Georgia to make hosting a holiday party in your new home easier and more enjoyable.

Don’t Buy New Furniture Just Yet

One of the things a homeowner often discovers when they move into their new home is that the furniture they had in their old home just isn’t enough to fill in the larger-sized rooms in their new home. But, that’s ok, especially if you’re planning on holding a holiday party.

If you need more furniture for your new home, you should hold off ordering it until after you host your party. This does two things – it opens up your floor plan for easier mingling and it protects your would-be brand new furniture from suffering accidental spills and other potential messes.

Use the Holidays as Part of Your Move-In Goals

Moving into a new home is a seemingly endless variety of tasks and projects. By hosting a holiday party, you can streamline your to-do list by focusing only on the rooms that will be used during the party, like the kitchen, dining room, family room, and bathrooms. By making your party a part of your move-in goals, you’ll be sure to have those rooms completed by your deadline.

Get the Family Involved

Unpacking takes a long time, but the more people you have helping you out, the faster it will go. That’s why it helps to get the entire family involved, even the little ones. Keeping the process organized and assigning tasks are the keys to getting unpacked efficiently and on time.

Hold an “Open House” Style Party

With so much already on your plate moving into your new home, planning a holiday party can be taxing. Instead, host an “open house” style holiday party that doubles a housewarming party. Don’t put more stress on yourself by planning a formal, sit-down dinner. Instead, keep things informal by providing food, drink, and music and your holiday party will evolve naturally.

Purchase a Catered Meal

Many restaurants and grocery stores offer party platters and full ready-made meals these days, so why not take advantage of this type of service and save yourself a ton of work? Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner or you’re having some co-workers over to your new home for a holiday party, having your event catered will allow you to enjoy your party instead of being cooped up in the kitchen the entire time.

Wrap Any Unpacked Boxes for Instant Holiday Decorations

If time gets away from you and you weren’t able to get all of your boxes unpacked before your party, don’t worry. Just wrap up any unpacked boxes in Christmas wrapping paper, add a few bows and ribbons, and stack them up in the corner for a quick, easy, and inexpensive decoration for your holiday party.

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