8 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

8 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

The holiday season is upon us and that means you will soon be welcoming holiday guests into your home. But, is your home ready to handle the mass influx of friends and family?

Trinity’s custom home builder in Georgia has compiled eight easy tips that will help ensure your home is safe and accommodating for all of your holiday guests this year. And best of all, these tips won’t take that much time out of your already hectic holiday schedule.

#1: Prioritize and Organize Your Cleaning

You want your home to be spotless for when your holiday guests arrive, but this can be a major headache if you wait until the last minute to get things cleaned. Instead, set a holiday cleaning schedule so certain rooms in the home are cleaned on certain days leading up to your guests’ arrival. This will help ensure that the entire house is cleaned without it depleting your time or energy.

#2: Improve Safety with Strategic Lighting

Installing nightlights in hallways and bathrooms will help your guests find their way to the bathroom in the dead of night. This will help prevent trips and falls. You’ll also want to install motion detector lighting on the exterior of your home, preferably along any pathways leading up to your home.

#3: Check Fire Prevention Equipment

Check your fire extinguisher to make sure it is still charged and if you didn’t replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors during the switch to Daylight Savings Time, then you should do that now as well.

#4: Childproof the Home

If you don’t have small children, then your home could be an accident waiting to happen for any youngsters visiting for the holidays. Ask family members with children to bring along any necessary safety items like baby gates or cabinet locks. You should also keep any matches, cleaning agents, and medicines in a place where the kids can’t reach them. This also applies to any holiday candles as well.

#5: Make Your Kitchen More Guest-Friendly

During the holidays, the kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in the house. But, this can be tough when you’re trying to cook! Therefore, make your kitchen more guest-friendly by keeping your counters clean and clutter-free, and provide more seating options nearby like stools and chairs so your guests can be near the kitchen, not in it. You can also set up a corner of your dining room to serve as the coffee and drink station. This way your guests won’t get in your way every time they want a drink.

#6: Make Your Bathrooms More Accommodating

Whatever you do, don’t forget to address the bathroom situation. Make sure you have plenty of extra toilet paper on hand and set the rolls in places where your guests can easily find them. You’ll also want to set a plunger next to the toilet and install a bath mat in your tub.

#7: Guest Room Tips

If your guests will be staying the night, or longer, then you should update your guest rooms with remote controlled ceiling fan and light combos. This will allow them to control the comfort level of their room so they don’t mess around with your thermostat. You can also provide each guest room with a printout of your Wi-Fi network and password information so your guests can utilize your wireless Internet service.

#8: Upgrade Your Entryway

Your entryway is the first thing your guests will see when entering your home. Clean it up and make it something special. Tighten up your doorknobs and hardware, apply a new coat of paint to the front door, oil the hinges so they don’t squeak, and clean the shoes, umbrellas, and coats out of the way to give your guests more room for their outerwear. You can also place a bench in the area for your guests to use when removing their shoes or boots.

Happy Holidays From Trinity Custom Home Builder Georgia

Nothing is more fun and exciting than hosting your very first holiday get-together in your brand new home. And, at Trinity Custom Homes, our builders in Georgia know a thing or two about building beautifully-designed, expertly-built homes that will be sure to make any holiday celebration truly something special.

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